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Dental braces For Adults

Finally, dental braces that are not too embarrassing to wear.

Braces have long been dreaded by schoolchildren, with all the the likelihood of bullying that may follow. This is not surprising, and may well be the reason why so many of us have crooked teeth in later life.

We have probably thought that this was it for life, unable to correct our teeth, and let’s be honest; none of us are likely to want to wear traditional braces in our adult lives are we?

Thankfully, as I was passing my local dentist in Burton, the other day, I noticed a sign for clear braces, and, intrigued; I popped in to ask about them. I was quite amazed at this piece of modern dentistry. In fact, I’m seriously considering purchasing some.

Quite simply, they are completely different to traditional braces as they are made from a clear medical grade plastic which is almost transparent, in fact, they are often referred to as invisible braces and some have the trade name of Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces too, you don’t just get the one brace but get 4 of them, each of which is set to position your teeth a little further towards their desired position.

So, basically, you wear the first brace for a few weeks until your teeth have been moved to the position which the braces were made for and then move to the next set. This process continues until your teeth are in their correct positions.

And that isn’t all. There is no more getting food stuck in them; you simply remove the braces prior to eating, so no more embarrassing moments when dining out in company. They are also easily removed for cleaning.

This advance in hygiene means that there is no risk of food becoming caught in them, potentially leading to halitosis and bad breath.

Writing this has persuaded me that now, in my middle years, I should act, and be one of the increasing number of people wearing clear braces in Derbyshire. I’m convinced that doing so will increase my confidence and I’ll certainly feel much happier about smiling too.


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