Where can senior citizens find the most cost effective health care?

Medicare, Medicare, Medicare: that is the answer to this question. Medicare is a program where you do not pay money for health services (or you pay a small amount of money). According to eHow, “Medicare is a program that is available to any senior citizen that is 65. Disabled persons under the age of 65 can also use this program. Medicaid is another program provided by the federal government that can help senior citizens. This program is not available to all senior citizens; Medicaid is only available to those who have a significant financial need. A senior citizen can also choose to take advantage of a private health insurance policy to fill in any gaps in coverage.” So, the program definitely helps seniors, even if they do not qualify for Medicaid.

There is still Medicare, and even within the program, there are several options: “Medicare features different plans that provide various benefits. You automatically are enrolled in Part A, which provides hospital coverage. You can choose to get Part B coverage, which helps with doctor bills. Medicare pays for 80 percent of covered costs. Medicaid can provide coverage for any type of ? medical needs as long as you qualify. Medicaid makes payments directly to the medical provider for you. Private insurance companies give you the most options and allow you to pick a policy that meets your needs.”

So, what are the benefits of Medicare? “One of the benefits of Medicare is that it provides widely available health care to senior citizens. You can essentially get 80 percent of your ? hospital bills covered for free. You can also buy doctor coverage for a low monthly premium. The benefit of Medicaid is that it provides free health care for those who cannot afford any type of health insurance. The advantage of private insurance plans is that they give consumers choices. You can have more control over coverage options and how much you pay in premiums.”

According to Ana Recruitment, one of the foremost specialist care recruitment agencies in Aberdeen, self insuring is a good way to go. “The “most cost-effective way” for employers to rein in soaring health care costs is to self-insure, according to a research organization focused on using business technology and management principles to control health care costs.” Furthermore, “the Healthcare Performance Management Institute suggests that the exemptions from state insurance mandates and premium taxes granted to self-insured health plans enables self-insured companies to develop more customized plans and devote more resources to their employees.”
“Opting to self-insure could allow employers to “regain control over their health benefits,” George Pantos, executive director of the HPM Institute and a former under secretary of the U.S. Commerce Department, said in a statement.”

And maybe this is the case for those over 65, too. Seniors need to support themselves as much as possible. But, this is not the only option they have. According to, “The American health care system gets an “F” when it comes to acting on a handful of prevention methods that have the potential to save the most lives.
That failing grade came from Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a Wednesday speech to members of the National Association of County and City Health Officials gathered here for their annual conference at Cook Convention Center.”

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