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Zoom Teeth Whitening Explained

As your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, it's important to look after it. Unfortunately, the pleasures of everyday life can take their toll on our teeth and they can become discolored over time through being subjected to things like tea and coffee every day and the occasional glass of wine – all of which are big culprits when it comes to tooth staining.

It's well known that there are plenty of teeth whitening treatments available, but there are now so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which one works best for what type of problem.

One technique is called Zoom teeth whitening and is a treatment that many people choose to undergo because it is both fast and effective. Zoom teeth whitening is a fairly new treatment that makes way for immediate effects, making it a popular choice with patients hoping to improve their smile.

For example, the zoom teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth by as much as ten shades in a single treatment, which is a significant difference that you will see the moment you look in a mirror. What's more, the treatment lasts just one hour, making it an ideal lunchtime procedure for busy people.

What happens during this procedure is that the lips and gums are prepared so that just the teeth are exposed to the dentist. Your dentist will then apply a whitening gel to the teeth, which uses hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth to a more attractive coloring. Following the application of the gel, a Zoom heat lamp will be used to warm the area and activate the gel, which will then begin the whitening process.

The entire procedure takes no longer than an hour, which makes it perfect for busy people. The treatment is also pain free and incredibly effective – particularly when compared with other teeth whitening treatments on a length basis. In under an hour, the zoom procedure can whiten your teeth by between six and ten shades, which is a compelling reason to try it out.

Whatever your teeth are only mildly discolored or noticeably so, their appearance will be significantly devoid of tea, coffee, wine or tobacco stains following a Zoom whitening treatment – which is not bad for an hour's work.

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Teeth Discoloration and Teeth Whitening Solutions

According to tooth whitening Glasgow dentists, tooth whitening solutions are affordable and available to most Glasgow residents. However, only 15% of patients requiring a tooth whitening process each consider the various options available to them. This is primarily due to ignorance and misinformation. There are teeth whitening options available for all budgets and for all patient temperaments and the whitening process will always leave your teeth significantly whiter and brighter than before.

Types of Teeth Discoloration

There are two types of teeth discoloration. Extrinsic teeth stains are discoloration that are caused by external factors such as smoking, drinking and aging. The dirt or discoloration is on the teeth enamel. This means that the original tooth is okay and with removal of the dirt, the teeth should be back to normal. If the extrinsic stains are mild, you can remove them by simple dental processes such as brushing your teeth or prophylactic dental cleaning. On the other hand, if the strains are strong, you may require other more forceful treatments such as teeth bleaching. If not managed in good time, the extrinsic stains can get ingrained into your teeth and thenby forming a persistent stain.

Intrinsic teeth stains are stains that form from within your teeth. Such stains can be caused by teeth being exposed to tetracycline and other related minerals especially during teeth formation. Taking a lot of fluoride in your diet also causes intrinsic stains.

Major Causes of Teeth Discoloration

There are different causes of both extrinsic and intrinsic teeth discoloration.

Age of the Patient

As one grows older, their teeth get more discolored because of the regular food stains and due to wear and tear. This is a natural aging process. However, dentists advise that proper dental hygiene will retain your teeth color for longer. When applying the whitening solutions, it may be harder for older people to whiten their teeth as compared to younger individuals. The stains for the elderly people have been more ingrained into the teeth making it harder to remove.

Genetic hits of Your Teeth

There are also genetic discoloration exercises that become more meaningful with age. For example, thin teeth that are more translucent get discolored much easily and it may be harder to whiten such teeth.

Eating, Drinking and Smoking Habits

There are various foods that affect the color of your teeth when taken excessively. These include cola, wines especially red wine, carrots, coffee and other strong color foods and beverages. Certain foods such as fruits with a lot of citric acid may also cause discoloration. Smoking is also a major cause of teeth discoloration.

Cracked Teeth

If your teeth are cracked because of any trauma experience, the cracks can let in dirt which will discolor your teeth in the long run.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

There are several tooth whitening solutions available to anyone with discolored teeth. The solutions used depends on the extent of the stains and the preference of the dentist and the patient.

Peroxide Gel

One solution for tooth whitening is application on Peroxide Gel. The gel may be applied by a dentist or trained technical person. During the gel application, the teeth gum must be protected by a rubber dam. The gel is applied thrice in 20 minute intervals. If the stains persist, you may need to re-apply the process.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Take home whitening kits produce significant results when used consistently over some time. This kit has a much more dilute gel of Peroxide that can be applied at home. It is applied using a custom-made bleaching trays similar to a sportsman mouth guard. The tray remains in your teeth for about an hour.

Over-the-counter Bleaching

Over the counter bleaching solutions are the cheapest treatment for whitening teeth. The gel is available in most chemists. It is applied using whitening stick-on strips or gel painting tools. The effect of teeth whitening is much slower with this process as compared to other solutions. It is best used for people with light extrinsic stains.

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The Benefits of Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

White teeth have an important impact while presenting yourself. This is why everyone wants whiter teeth these days. Moreover, dental health is very important too. Thanks to a lot of products like toothpaste, this feat is now a comfortable task to achieve. But recently a new product is being used extensively for whitening of the teeth called activated charcoal. But what is it?

What is Activated Charcoal?

It is a form of carbon, which is processed to have a plethora of small pores. These small pores increase the surface area of ​​the carbon which increases processes like adsorption and other chemical reactions. It is basically increasing the sensitivity of carbon towards reactions by processing it.

Should we use it?

Yes, definitely. In small doses, it is not harmful to us. However, precautions have to be maintained.

The benefits of charcoal teeth whitening powder

Recently there has been a surge in the popularity of using activated charcoal for whitening your teeth. There are a plethora of articles and thousands of videos on YouTube that discuss the same topic. The reason for this popularity is that it achieves effective results. So, let us explore its various benefits in teeth whitening for ourselves.

Whitens teeth

Activated charcoal is a natural teeth whitener. Any kind of stain can be removed by the application of its powder. Moreover, regular use of activated charcoal has proven to whiten the teeth over time. It also regulates the health of your gum. It can whiten the teeth with no sensitivity. Even people who have sensitive teeth can opt for this whitening solution.

Dental health

Activated charcoal is an excellent adsorbing agent. Adsorption is a process of holding a thin film of the material on the outer surface. What this implants in our case is that it is a very good adsorbing agent and it can adsorb plaque and microscopic tidbits present on your teeth. Not only does this process results in whiter teeth, but also promotes a good dental health.

Strengthens your teeth

Many activated charcoals present in the market are laced with various benevolent minerals which can be used for the health of our teeth. They can be used for keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride in toothpaste is used for the same purpose but is dangerous for us in various ways. But using it, on the other hand, is reliably very safe and promotes an overall dental health which is very vital for healthy living.

Regulation of pH levels

Another important use of activated charcoal is that it regulates the pH level of our mouth and restores it to an optimum level which is required for a healthy living. PH levels in our mouth affect our overall dental health. If the pH level in our mouth is not the optimum number, then it can trigger the growth of bacteria which can lead to many problems such as tooth decay, cavities etc.

Thus, activated charcoal provides a lot of benefits in our dental health. Not only does it whitens our teeth, but also promotes overall dental health.

Source by Shalini Madhav


Teeth Whitening Bleach

People usually see their teeth become yellow over a period of time by food getting trapped in tiny fissures and cracks that occur on the enamel surfaces of the teeth. To the eye the teeth appear dull and yellow and are not as white as they once were. Different foods that we habitually eat and drink contribute to the yellowing of the teeth such as coffee, red wine, tea, colored beverages, soft drinks and so on.

But take heart! There are many options for people to whiten their teeth and have that white and bright smile that they want to present to the public. You can choose to have your teeth whitened by your dentist. You can choose to do it yourself utilizing a broad array of whitening products that are available in stores. The dentist has a few methods that he / she can offer to you that whiten your teeth more quickly than your home products. The solutions used in bleaching teeth white are more potent in the dentist's office.

They are available to the dentist because the dentist is trained professionally to treat your teeth. Usually carbamide peroxide is the bleaching agent of choice used in teeth whitening products. The gel used in dental offices contains quite a bit more concentrated carbamide peroxide than that which you can purchase over the counter. As a result your bleaching procedure will be faster and your results better. Also, dentists use custom trays that are made from models of your teeth so they fit more perfectly and even spread the gel over your teeth. Some dentist can also offer laser teeth whitening which is even a faster procedure.

Over the counter or store purchased teeth whitening kits are also available. These kits also whiten your teeth but are not as effective as those methods utilized in your dentist's office. Teeth whitening kits can be gel utilizing trays, these trays are not as precise as custom trays made in your dentist's office, whitening strips or paint on gel using a small brush The gel does not bleach as uniformly because it may be washed away with your saliva and it is not as potent as that used in the dental office. The advantage to using over the counter teeth whitening kits is cost. In-office teeth whitening cost ranges between $ 300.00 and $ 1000.00 where as over the counter products are about $ 50.00.

Source by Harvey J. Williams


Teeth Whitening – How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening has become a buzz word in cosmetic dentistry world. There are so many methods and procedures of bleaching your teeth that sometimes you feel confused about which procedure to go for. There are several methods which are good enough but the ease of using teeth whitening kit at home is unmatched.

You can use home teeth bleaching kit without anyone's help. These kits usually consist of a set of mouth trays and a bleaching agent. This is exactly the same procedure used by dentists in their office. They sometimes use a stronger bleaching agent for quick effect. The bleaching agent used in home teeth whitening kits is milder in peroxide content.

The process of molding and using mouth trays is quite easy. First of all place one of the mouth trays on your upper or lower teeth to check if its size is correct. Boil some water in a big bowl and then dip the mouth tray in boiling water for 5-10 seconds. Remove the mouth tray from water and fix it onto your teeth. Bite down a little bit so that you teeth mold a perfect groove into the tray. Press the front side of mouth tray with your fingers and the rear side with your tongue.

Once you are sure that mouth tray has been molded to fit your teeth. Take it out and it is ready to use. The same procedure should be followed for lower teeth as well. Once both the trays are ready, put some bleaching agent in the tray and place it onto your teeth. Leave if for a 15-20 minutes and then remove the tray. Rinse or brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.

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Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening is now a popular and quick way to improve your appearance without having to spend thousands. Having bad teeth can immediately give someone you have not met before the wrong impression of you. You only have a few seconds to create that great first impression so making a good one is important!

There are a number of options if your interested in whitening. Most can be put off by what are expensive costs of visiting a cosmetic dentist, but you can buy whitening products off the shelf and do the treatment at home. In most cases many of the home treatments use similar procedures to that employed by your professional dentist!

So if you are looking to get rid of dull and stained teeth so you can get that Hollywood smile are whitening strips the answer?

What are teeth whitening strips?

Teeth whitening strips are one type of teeth whitening product that has been shown to significantly improve the whiteness of your teeth.

Typically these products include two thin plastic strips that contains a whitening gel on one side. These are placed over your teeth and left for a period of time, usually up to 30 minutes per treatment, this is then returned for upwards of 2 weeks.

Do teeth whitening strips really work?

Using a good quality whitening strip you can expect to get 3-4 shades whiter and brighter teeth. So if your teeth are looking a little dull and want to slightly improve their whiteness then these products may do the trick.

Whitening strips are not expensive and can be bought on the high street or via reputable online for as little as $ 20.

Consumers who have used the strips have commented that sometimes the whitening effect can be a little uneven. This is most likely because some strips have a tendency to move and can slip off during treatment.

If you have really discolored teeth or are heavily stained then whitening strips may not be sufficient and you may need to look at other whitening products.

Best teeth whitening product

Whilst whitening strips can be an effective way to whiten your teeth they are not considered the best whitening product on the market and are not liked by everyone.

For the best results you should consider teeth whitening kits that consist of mouth trays that you wear. These do not slip and cover more of your teeth giving you a more even whitening result. The best teeth whitening kits have also shown to improve whiteness by up to 11 shades!

If you are looking for a longer lasting whitening product then a mouth tray whitening kit maybe your solution. There are some great kits on the market that have been clinically proven and are free from any side effects. Some of the best kits also provide enough whitening gel to last for up to 200 treatments, making this product the most cost effective way to get that smile you have dreamt of!

Source by Andrea R Smith