How to Whiten My Teeth – Ways and Means For Whiter Teeth

To achieve the perfect set of beaming white teeth there are two options available to you; dental surgery or home whitening kits.

Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is probably the most well-known procedure of bringing a shine to dull lifeless teeth. It is also the most expensive and there have been a lot of problems associated with it, previously enamel erosion, teeth and gum sensitivity as well as gum bleeding.

The dentist will usually either carry out one of two methods; resin composite bonding or veneer (porcelain) bonding.

Resin composite bonding attachments attaching tooth particles to your tooth and then smoothing down and polishing off to obtain a white result. They are attached due to microscopic grooves that are created by a mild acid. This method is usually used if the tooth or teeth are malformed.

The other and most expensive way is veneer bonding where a porcelain sheet is put over the other perfectly shaped tooth. It is generally thought that this method lasts for up to four years.

The less expensive methods of tooth whitening involve home whitening kits, which can come in the form either swabs or mouth-guard like applications. These generally involve oxidizing the stain out by utilizing the use of safe chemicals and powder that take in the case of swabs only two minutes to apply. The mouth guard method typically requires one to wear the mouth guard for up to two hours daily.

Indeed many companies are now offering free trials of home teeth whitening kits as feedback and demand have all been exemplary

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