Desire For Teeth Whitening After Weaving Braces – Miracle Tips That You Can not Miss

After you had worn braces for a long time, you realized that you always avoided yourself from smiling or laughing in front of others. You become constantly aware that you were wearing braces and thought that due to the braces, you would not have a beautiful smile like others because you have a pretty face.

Now that you have taken off your braces after a long period, intending to show off your smile as you already possess tidy teeth that many do not. However, something holds you back from doing so, that's the years of staining leftover after prolonged use of braces. You can not wait to clean those stains from your teeth but you do not want to pay too much to have the stains removed by dentists in dental laboratories. Then what can you do?

The dentists are able to whiten your teeth faster than those products selling over the counter are due to the license they hold that enable them to use formulation or ingredients with higher strength. For instance, dentist uses 35% Carbamide Peroxide solution to whiten the patience teeth whereas those products you can purchase over the counter contains Carbamide Peroxide solution that range between 10 – 15% only. Therefore, this slower down the teeth whitening process.

However, if you have not visited any dentist before buying the whitening products from market, it is better to use a lower strength of formulation to safeguard your oral such as gums. Remember not to leave the gel longer than what is stated in the instruction. Different people have different sensitive level, it is always better to start with a lower strength formula. When you find yourself comfortable with the lower strength teeth whitening products, you can then opt for a higher strength and would faster your teeth whitening process.

If you find any irritation or pain on your gum or teeth after using any teeth whitening products, stop applying immediately and visit a dentist to ensure no disease attacks. Avoid leaving the teeth whitening gel over your teeth or gum overnight. If you know you have very sensitive teeth, you must not try products that contain high strength of Carbamide Peroxide solution (ie 15% and above). That could cause annoyance and / or damage to your teeth.

Everyone of us has different level of sensitivity, apply products accordingly. Do not overuse any teeth whitening products. Stains leftover due to the braces will be removed after after whitening your teeth for some time. Therefore, you need to be more patient during your teeth whitening process in order to remove stains that long left over on your teeth after wearing braces for a long time.

Source by Megan Tan

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