Why You Should Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide

Even though it’s been written about it quite a lot, still, vast majority of population is totally oblivious of its astonishing powers. Upon learning about it, once again people are very sceptic. It must be its simplicity that is sometimes hard to understand. How could something that simple, almost water, be more powerful then high tech drugs? There is no special teams of scientists, specially built labs with little known technologies working in undisclosed locations, but rather crystal clear simplicity given by our Creator. A simple molecule of water with an extra atom of oxygen attached to it, it’s all it is. Of course, we are talking about hydrogen peroxide here.

Since there are numerous cures and detox protocols, and different ways of taking hydrogen peroxide, here, we’ll take little bit different angle at it, and divide them just in three essential methods. One, by ingesting 8-10 of HP with 8oz of distilled water, two, by taking alkalizing bath with HP, and three, intravenously, administered by medical practitioner.

Now, we’ll introduce a completely new way of taking HP, by inhaling.

All this started when Bill Munro’s testimony became public. He explained how, using this simple technic, himself and his wife, warded off all diseases for nearly 20 years. 20 years of sick free life. No flu, no cold, nothing.

Sometime back, when I first came across this information, and being an ex smoker, I got pretty interested. I remember that when I stopped smoking, it took awhile before I coughed out all the junk I was sucking up for years. My breathing was finally normal. Still, every now and then I could hear a whizzing sound coming out of my lungs.So I decided to try inhaling hydrogen peroxide and see for myself, if it can fix my problem.

First I took 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and I diluted it with distilled water. On every part of 35% food grade HP add 11 equal parts of water.This gave me 3% food grade HP. Then, I bought cheap nasal spray at the pharmacy, and pored out its contents. What I needed was just the squeeze bottle that, when depressed, would produce mist like vapor. I filled it up with HP, and I was ready to go.

At first, as instructed, I started with one squirt of HP per inhale. You take the bottle and squirt HP at the back of your throat and inhale at the same time. You do this 3-4 times a day. Right away I felt a surge of oxygen to my lungs. Later I increased the number of squirts per inhale. If I didn’t do this, I would’ve never known what else I was holding in my lungs. Very hard to describe the amount of nasty looking gunk still sitting there. It really is, finally all out.

This extra oxygen detached from hydrogen peroxide molecule, known as nascent or active oxygen, once inhaled, kills everything pathogen it encounters. Bacteria, viruses, fungus, therefore cancer.

Give your body what it really needs to sustain long and healthy life, the oxygen.

In order to perform this highly effective, yet very simple cure you need 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.Unfortunately, many now days are cutting corners to quicker profit, and temper with its purity.

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Source by Zoran Jovanovic

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